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Excellent solution for reusable shoppping bags in competitive cost.

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We should use fabric bags because they are not disposable. In the printing of fabric bags and packages with eco-friendly labels; traditional root dyes, water-based dyes, textile dyes are used which they are  100% healthy. The fabric bag is durable, you can easily carry kilos of weight.



By choosing eco-friendly bags, we respect the environment more for future generations. PROTEP produces 100% recyclable fabric bags and bags in its environmentally friendly production facility.

Our expert staff offers wholesale solutions that are suitable for your needs and that will make a positive contribution to the price-benefit analysis. 

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Our products are produced from Antibacterial and 100% Recyclable Fabrics.

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We export to 11 countries.

Stitched Nonwoven Bags are strong reusable bags. These bags are the favorite solution of supermarket chains and companies that sell heavy goods. Nonwoven Interlining Bag is created by interconnecting fibers without weaving or knitting. Since it can be produced in desired sizes, it can be used in large areas such as pharmacy bags, grocery bags, optical bags, fair promotion bags, backpacks, carrying bags. The edges are tape-tipped, thread-stitched and long-lasting. Handle holder size can be made in the size you want.

Ultrasonic bags can be printed with the same raw material (anti-bacterial and recyclable nonwoven fabric) and all color options as other cloth bags. You can get a price offer from our website for ultrasonic bag models and promotional ultrasonic bags.

We can also produce laminated welded fabric bags upon your request. In our ultrasonic bags in our PROTEP BAGS product group, we perform automation production with hot welding instead of standard machine sewing in production techniques. Thus, we can to offer a tremendous technological infrastructure advantage such as the ability to produce and deliver large wholesale fabric bags in a very short time.


PROTEP, Fabric Bags Exporter

It is one of the companies that exports Fabric Bags to many countries in Turkey and the world. Our company produces eco-friendly recyclable fabric bags.


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Turkey’s Nonwoven and Fabric ® Bag Production Center PROTEP BAG

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