Ultrasonic Interlining Market Bag 45×46×15 With Handle

DefinitionShopping bag with handle, bottom, and side gussets (3D), Organic Market Bag
Carrying capacity up to 10Kg
Material70 gsm nonwoven interlining fabric
JoiningUltrasonic Welding
Dimensions40×40+10 (5+5) cm. Width x Length + Bellows
Handle2.5×42 cm. Width x Length
Handle Material70 gsm nonwoven interlining fabric

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Ultrasonic Nonwoven Interlining Bag, which we produce to be used as a Market Bag, is both a quality and functional product that is preferred because it is 100% recyclable thanks to its nature-friendly structure.

Ultrasonic Nonwoven Interlining Bag is formed by interconnecting fibers without weaving or knitting. Since it can be produced in desired sizes, it can be used in large areas such as pharmacy bags, grocery bags, optical bags, fair promotion bags, backpacks, carrying bags.


Since the environmentally friendly hygienic nonwoven bags and bags that we produce with ultrasonic welding technology are 100% recyclable, reusable, and highly durable, they are environmentally friendly products and are used for visual and promotional purposes with their economic costs.

Additional information

Weight1,4 kg
Dimensions62 × 56 × 12 cm


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