W-Cut Market Greengrocer White W-Cut Plastic Bag 13 Micron

W-Cut Market Greengrocer White W-Cut Plastic Bag 13 Micron

  • 1 roll contains 200 sachets.
  • SIZE 24*44 CM
  • There are 20 rolls in 1 box.
  • 1 box contains 4000 bags.
  • Product Type: HDPE
  • Suitable for food and other materials packaging.
  • Product dimensions are width: 29, height: 54, bellows: 16 cm
  • Thickness is 13 Micron
  • Dimensions include handling
  • There may be a 1-2 cm difference between the sizes.
  • Made from 100% original raw materials
  • Calcite-free
  • Our products have a FOOD SUITABLE certificate.
  • It has been produced in accordance with the ISO 22000 quality certificate.
  • It can be used in stores, haberdashery, grocery stores, markets.

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These bags packaging types are used to carry, store and protect the product from adverse weather conditions such as wind and humidity, and different external factors. W-cut bag, in other words, is a type of bag that is frequently used in markets and businesses selling food products such as butchers, delicatessens, and fishermen. The roll rusty bag used for greengrocers is 13.5 microns. This bag is suitable for thin and short-term transports. In addition, there are thicker, flexible, and durable plastic bag models such as 23 microns. These packaging types, on the other hand, provide ease of transport for heavier objects. Rusty bags are divided into different classes in terms of size as well as micron variety. Pricing is also determined by considering these dimensions and micron values.

W-Cut Bag Models and Usage Areas

W-cut bags or rusty bags are a type of packaging used in every area where transportation and storage are involved. There is no harm to human health if it is not in contact with direct consumption products such as milk or yogurt and if it is not exposed to sunlight for a long time. These packaging types, which have all these features and the usage area is almost unlimited, are offered for sale with various models to appeal to the usage areas. Printed W-cut bag and black rustling bag are some of these models.Printed W-cut bags visually help the packaging to look aesthetically pleasing.  The quality of W-cut bag dye is important for both human and environmental health.


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