Shirred Cotton Fabric Bag – 32×45 cm

Shirred Cotton Fabric Bag – 32×45 cm

  • Width: 32 cm
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Fabric Type: 46 wire/140 gr raw cloth fabric
  • Print Color: 1 side 2 color printing
  • Manufacturing time: Average ± 12 days

For your price requests in different quantities and sizes, you can request a price by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address in the contact section.

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If you are planning to order a Shirred Cotton Fabric Bag or if you want to get price information, please contact our e-mail address in the contact section with your order quantity, the image to be printed on the bag, and the size information. The number of colors in the print, the printing technique according to the image to be printed, and the order quantity are the factors affecting the price. Our customer representative will return to you as soon as possible within the same day.

The fabric thickness used in promotional shirred cotton fabric bags is 46 wire/140 gr/m2 on average. The most preferred size is 32×45 cm.

The average production time of shirred cotton bags is one week, it can be given earlier depending on the importance of the work. Depending on the number of colors in your logo, one-color or multi-color prints can be made. Different printing techniques can be used depending on the image to be printed. Printing can be done on one side of the bag or on both sides if you wish. The image to be printed on the bag can be printed in such a way that it covers part or all of the bag. In terms of being economical, one-color printing is generally preferred on one side.

shirred cotton bags are made of 100% cotton and are one of the most preferred types of bags since they are recyclable and environmentally friendly products. Shirred cotton bags are in their natural raw colors. According to customer preference, raw color fabrics can be dyed and turned into the desired color. This is not a preferred situation as it increases the price too much. There is no harm in washing the shirred cotton bags by hand or in the washing machine, it does not cause the pressure on the washing of the product to come off.

shirred cotton bags are a useful promotional product that you can use in all kinds of events such as Promotional Fairs and Symposiums, and that you can present to your customers,

We can deliver the products according to the location of your company or we deliver them to all of Turkey with the courier company we have a contract with.


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