Nonwoven Rope Stitched Market Bag

Nonwoven Rope Stitched Market Bag

  • Width: 36 cm
  • Height: 50cm
  • Bellows: 10 cm
  • Color Printed
  • Colored piping
  • Handle Length: 45 cm/2
  • Rope Stitched Bag
  • Manufacturing time 15 days

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PROTEP, which has the most advanced team of Market Nonwoven Interlining Bag manufacturers, produces printed nonwoven bags in the size and color you want. We provide services to many domestic and foreign companies in our facility, which has a production capacity of 1000 or 100000 nonwoven bags.

Nonwoven Interlining Bag for Markets is both a quality and functional product that is preferred because it is 100% recyclable thanks to its nature-friendly structure.

Nonwoven Interlining Bag for Markets is created by interconnecting fibers without woven or knitting. Since it can be produced in desired sizes, it can be used in large areas such as pharmacy bags, grocery bags, optical bags, fair promotion bags, backpacks, carrying bags.

By law, plastic bags are no longer used in many countries. Instead, environmentally friendly and recyclable cloth bags are used. Market cloth bags are used in standard sizes. Of course, apart from this specific size, it can also be produced in different sizes according to the customer’s request.

This kind of cloth bag; is produced specially according to customer request and product.
Market tote bags; It can be produced without bellows – with lower bellows or with lower-side (3D) bellows.


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