Nonwoven Fabric Pizza Shopping Bag

  • 80 g/m2 Nonwoven fabric pizza shopping bag
  • Color: White, Red, Green, Blue
  • Dimensions (Product Size): 360x370x360 mm
  • Weight (g) / Fabric Weight (g/m2) / Volume (ml): 80 g/m2±

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Shoulder straps in various sizes, designed for grocery shopping. Cost-effective, long-lasting nonwoven pizza bag produced by shaping nonwoven fabric with ultrasonic technology. When the nonwoven shopping bag reaches the end of its life, 100 pieces can be recycled.

Turkey’s leading environmentally friendly packaging manufacturer PROTEP produces nonwoven bags for markets and national market chains that reach thousands of stores. Use these bags and reduce the consumption of plastic bags and support the environment.

  • Pizza bag.
  • Eco-friendly recyclable non-woven bag.
  • Pizza shopping bag.
  • Stylish design cloth bags prepared with the themes of Pizza Shapes
  • Economical and convenient


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