Nonwoven Interlining Stitched Baklava Bag

  • Width: 30 cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Bellows: 20 cm
  • 85 gr. ± white fiber fabric
  • 2 sides 4 Color Offset printed
  • Colored edges
  • Short or long handle version (35 cm)
  • Rope Stitched Bag
  • Manufacturing time 9 days

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PROTEP, which has the most advanced team of nonwoven bag manufacturers for Baklava and Patisserie Sector, produces printed nonwoven bags in the size and color you want. We provide services to many domestic and foreign companies in our facility, which has a production capacity of 1000 or 100000 nonwoven bags.

It is produced from 100% recycled White nonwoven fabric. The front and back of the bag are offset printing. The dimensions of the cloth bag are 30 cm in width, 25 cm in length, and 20 cm in bellows, flat model, short hand-held handle, and it is produced with complete thread stitching.

Warning: Dear Customers, do not confuse piping bags with Ultrasonic bags. Stitched bags are 4 times more durable than ultrasonically cut (glued) bags. Therefore, it is normal to have a price difference between them.


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