Nonwoven Interlining Stitched Shopping Bag

Nonwoven Interlining Stitched Shopping Bag

  • Interlining bag fabric  nonwoven fabric
  • Interlining bag width 32 cm height 35 cm
  • Interlining bag bellows bottom and sides 22 cm
  • Interlining bag .handle length is short
  • Interlining bags are produced in 3D with an ultrasonic bonding technique.
  • Interlining bag can be printed on both sides and bellows with offset printing.

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100% natural recyclable tote bags are preferred by spice stores with thousands of organic products.

With an average of 104 uses, it performs the brand advertisement many times.

100% natural tote bag is produced from interlining fiber nonwoven cloth fabric. A fabric bag is made of white nonwoven fabric. Fabric bag printing Trigromi offset printing was applied. Fabric bag bellows and edge piping are produced from nonwoven fabric in colors suitable for the design. All kinds of sizes can be made according to the specifications of the fabric bag. It can be used in stores, markets, and markets, promotional fairgrounds, events, and organizations. Our fabric bag is produced to carry 6-9 kg of weight. The size of the bag is 25 cm wide, 40 cm long, 10 cm wide at the side bellows, and the handle is produced with a long shoulder strap. You can contact PROTEP for more detailed information.

PROTEP, which has the most advanced team of nonwoven bag manufacturers, produces printed nonwoven bags in the size and color you want. We provide services to many domestic and foreign companies in our facility, which has a production capacity of 1000 or 100000 nonwoven bags.


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