Custom Printed Cardboard Bag With Chocolate Box

Custom Printed Cardboard Bag With Chocolate Box

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What is a Cardboard Bag and What are the Uses of Paper Bags?

Cardboard bag and Paper bag designs are especially preferred by many people in terms of being environmentally friendly and being used for a long time. If you want to have a paper bag design and have the most suitable cardboard bags prepared for you, you are at the right place. Logo and print quality are very important in cardboard bag designs. All you need to do to update the advantages of working with the right agency in your favor is to evaluate the right design with quality printing, to bring together these and similar advantages, and to bring the designs together in your favor.

How to print cardboard bag prints?

Cardboard bags and cardboard bags are perhaps the fastest and most impressive form of advertising in the world. People who put the products you buy from a store or market and walk around the shopping center, on the street or streets can easily advertise your company. Moreover, these cardboard bags are not thrown away after going home, they are used in outdoor environments.

Cardboard bags are affordable, and they are produced as vertical bags, horizontal bags, gusseted, or nongusseted bags. Although the printing dimensions of vertical and horizontal cardboard bags are determined by the customer, there are also standard manufactured ones. It is made in the desired way, such as a special ribbon handle and cord knitting yarn, without any limitation of quantity. American Bristol, recycled Kraft bags, glossy paper, or chrome cardboard are used in cardboard bags. It is generally produced from American Bristol paper in weights of 230 g and above. The rigidity of this paper is an important requirement in cardboard bags. Since kraft paper is recycled paper, it is environmentally friendly despite its poor visual appearance and is generally requested by socially responsible customers. The cheapest production is made from chroma cardboard. The outer surface of this cardboard is white, the inner surface is gray. For this reason, cardboard bag prices are decreasing. Foil, hologram printing, cellophane, UV lacquer, and embossing applications increase the visuality of paper bags. In addition, foil prints and four-color offset prints look very stylish on metallic or wipe-colored cellophane coated products (such as Example Red) shaped with graphic design. Dimensions are usually shaped according to customer requests. The shape and weight of the cardboard are shaped according to the weight of the product to be put inside. A cardboard bag Before the printing is put into production, the paper that is decided to be used is cut and sized and the open state of the cardboard bag is revealed. Offset printing is done. Generally, 4 colors are printed, but optional special colors can be used. At this stage, if desired, foil or embossing is thrown as cellophane (matte or glossy). If there is printing on both sides, varnish (matte or glossy) is applied so that the paper does not print on the other side. All these processes are called cellophane. Cuts of the paper are made and excesses are removed. If it is desired to give texture to the paper, pattern application is made. It is glued in two parts, with glue or by hand. If it is one piece, no bonding is done. After gluing, a weight is placed on it and the cardboard bag is left to dry. Then the bellows is opened, and cardboard reinforcements cut in accordance with the bottom of the boxes are placed. Weight is added again and the cardboard bag is left to dry. For the handle to be used, the upper part of the cardboard bag is pierced and the rope to be used is passed through the holes and knotted on both sides. Thus, the cardboard bag printing production is finished.

How to Design a Cardboard Bag?

When designing cardboard bags, you have to give importance to being minimal and looking corporate. At the point where we put too much information or visuals on the bags, even if there is no problem with the size of the yellow straw paper used, the paper will tire people’s eyes because it contains a vibrant color. If you are going to use Cardboard Bags in areas such as Shopping, we recommend that you look at our sample works in line with a corporate company. Among these sample works, you can make your choices as you wish and use them to your advantage. With nature-friendly institutionalization suggestions for your company or organization, you will be able to take great steps in reaching the standards you desire in a short time. The way to make yourself and your company happy is to be at peace with nature. Usually, illustrator or photoshop is used as a program in designs. Being aware of this, you can draw attention with your pleasant designs in these materials, which have environmentally friendly uses.

An impressive and attractive paper bag design

It is not just a bag with an emblem on it, it makes a huge difference for companies with a special design made by a graphic designer. Color and quality used in cardboard bags, designs, and printing, which is the most effective advertising method, is Istanbul offset’s specialty. Check out our prices and designs for cardboard bags on our website and remember that you can order cardboard bags in unlimited quantities and colors online from us.


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