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Excellent solution for reusable shoppping bags in competitive cost.

Takviyeli El Geçmeli Mağaza Poşeti

Takviyeli El Geçmeli Mağaza Poşeti

We manufacture in our factory for Printed Reinforced Hand Snapped Shop Bag with the best quality at the most reasonable prices.

Handmade bags are used in many different sectors that appeal to the end consumer, from pharmacy to stationery, especially in the textile sector.
a) With a reinforced piece
b) Without reinforced piece

According to the conditions of the sector it serves, reinforcement cards are applied to give strength to the seizure section. Thanks to the reinforcing card, slip-on bags gain a more robust and efficient use feature.

We receive a minimum order of 200 Kg and above and provide manufacturing. Order details are specified in the product description section.

The unit kilo price for the Printed Reinforced Store Bag is very affordable, and we provide extremely economical production in our wholesale purchases. Many clothing stores, corporate-level brands, multi-branch clothing stores, and all small-scale businesses can use PROTEP store bag products.

Printed Reinforced Handmade Shop Bag Order Details

Below is our minimum order weight acceptance for color numbers.

  • 1-2 Color Printing Minimum 200 kg
  • 3 Color Printed Minimum 300 kg
  • 4 Color Printed Minimum 400 kg
  • 5+ Color Printed Minimum 500 kg
  • Ground Color Printed Minimum 350 kg
  • Minimum 500 kg for Digital Printed Shop Bag

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Low-density reinforced pouch bags (LDPE), which have a high-quality appearance with a reinforced strong handle, offer an extra reinforcement around the die-cut handle. It allows your company logo to be seen clearly. Reinforced pouch bags are used for jewelry store bags, clothing store bags, gift store bags, shopping store bags, stationery bags, and other small items. Our reinforced bags; It is offered as 26×38 reinforced bags, 33×45 reinforced bags, 40×50 reinforced bags, 50×60 reinforced bags, 60×70 reinforced bags.

Whatever business you are in, hand-held plastic reinforced plastic bags are the best idea to promote your brand. In addition, you provide your customers with a durable bag to carry your products.

  • Jewelry stores
  • Clothing stores
  • Gift bags
  • Shopping stores
  • Butchers
  • Pharmacies

Reinforced pouch bag models are available in many different sizes and colors. If you have questions about our reinforced sachet bags, please contact us for the answers you need.

We Produce Standart Sizes


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