Nonwoven Ultrasonic Baklava Bag

*Fabric: Bag
*Color: It can be produced in various colors.
*Print: Front and Back same 2 color offset printing
*Width: 38 cm
*Height: 25 cm
* Bellows: 28 cm
*Handle/Handle Length: Hand-held short handle

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Special printing for flexo printing in all sizes and dimensions, on 70 different background colors, in a maximum of 4 colors.

Printed and unprinted Nonwoven Patisserie Bags can be produced in desired sizes and dimensions. In production, the patisserie bags, which fall under the Nonwoven-printed cloth bag group, are used as multi-purpose cloth bags for transportation, advertising and promotion, packaging, protection, and preservation for many sectors in a wide perspective. is used.


Since the environmentally friendly hygienic nonwoven bags and bags that we produce with ultrasonic welding technology are 100% recyclable, reusable, and highly durable, they are environmentally friendly products and are used for visual and promotional purposes with their economic costs.


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