Ultrasonic Interlining Nonwoven Shopping Bag

Ultrasonic Interlining Nonwoven Shopping Bag

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Ultrasonic Stitched Bag; Our company, using welding technology in the production of ultrasonic cloth bags, the new method of quality and mass production, produces bags at high speed, high quality, and low cost.

Nonwoven Bags Are Produced Completely From Nature-Friendly Fabrics. Nonwoven bags have taken their place at the top in the promotion sector with their affordability, as well as their elegance, ease of use, and quality.

Bags produced in different colors and models with their rich fabric options can be brought to the forefront with the applied printing techniques. Thus, the advertisement to be emphasized reaches a more eye-catching level. Promotional bags, which have a wide area of use, are one of the most demanded products of fairgrounds, conferences, openings.

Ultrasonic Stitched Fabric Bag can be produced in two ways as printed production and unprinted production in desired sizes and dimensions. Ultrasonically Stitched Fabric Bags can be destroyed in a short time like 1 year after their production as fabric bags, since they are 100% natural as material, without harming nature.


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