Ultrasonic Gusseted Interlining Nonwoven Bottom Shopping Bag 44×55 cm

DefinitionGross shopping bag with handle, bottom bellows market
Material78+- gsm nonwoven interlining fabric
JoiningUltrasonic welding
Dimensions43.5×55  Width x Length
Handle2,5×60 cm (Open) Width x Length (Closed: 30 cm)
Handle Material78+- gsm nonwoven interlining fabric


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Ultrasonic Interlining Nonwoven Bag designed for grocery shopping, dimensions, and shoulder strap. Cost-effective, long-lasting cloth grocery bag produced by shaping nonwoven fabric with ultrasonic technology. Cloth grocery bags are 100% recyclable by throwing them into recycling bins when they are at the end of their useful life.

Use grocery bags, reduce the consumption of plastic bags and support the environment.

* Ultrasonic Interlining market bag.

* Eco-friendly recyclable cloth bag.

* Nonwoven Ultrasonic Welded shopping bag.

* Economical and useful cloth bags.

Ultrasonic Nonwoven Interlining Bag is both a quality and functional product that is preferred because it is 100% recyclable thanks to its nature-friendly structure.

Nonwoven Interlining Bag is created by interconnecting fibers without woven or knitting. Since it can be produced in desired sizes, it can be used in large areas such as pharmacy bags, grocery bags, optical bags, fair promotion bags, backpacks, carrying bags.

Additional information

Weight1,4 kg
Dimensions62 × 56 × 12 cm


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