Soft Handle Printed Plastic Nylon Baklava Bag

Soft Handle Printed Plastic Nylon Baklava Bag

  • Product dimensions are width:30, length: 50, Bottom bellows: 12 cm
  • Includes 1 Kg 35 / 45 bags.
  • Product Type: HDPE
  • Suitable for food and other materials packaging.
  • DOUBLE SOLID 60 MICRON – 400 MICRON is preferred in the range.
  • Dimensions include handling.
  • There may be a 1-2 cm difference between the sizes.
  • Made from 100% original raw materials
  • Calcite-free
  • Our products have a FOOD SUITABLE certificate.
  • It has been produced under the ISO 22000 quality certificate.
  • It can be used in stores, haberdashery, grocery stores, markets.

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We manufacture Soft Handle Printed Plastic Nylon Baklava Bags. It is produced as a soft-handled bag model. It can also be produced in special dimensions in the dimensions of your products and boxes to be used in the bag. PROTEP packing produces bags for many baklava shops in our country. If you need wholesale bags, you can contact us and get your price offer immediately.

We manufacture Medium Size Printed Baklava Bags in our factory with the most suitable bag prices. We make your design with our experienced team and provide the best quality bag manufacturing. We can also produce in accordance with standard baklava boxes or in special sizes.

We manufacture specially printed bags for many baklava sales places throughout Turkey. You can immediately place a special order for your needs from our bag manufacturer company. For bag prices and other details, please send us your message by clicking the get offer button.

50×30 printed patisserie bags and close-sized bags are suitable for baklava boxes. Ask our specialist for your special offer for wholesale printed patisserie bags.

Below is our minimum order weight acceptance for color numbers.

  • 1-2 Color Printing Minimum 200 kg
  • 3 Color Printed Minimum 300 kg
  • 4 Color Printed Minimum 400 kg
  • 5+ Color Printed Minimum 500 kg
  • Ground Color Printed Minimum 350 kg
  • Minimum 500 kg for Digital Printed Shop Bag


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